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Amway : Legacy of Clean Demos

Pitchmen with pony tails are an infomercial birthright, but Legacy of Clean deserved something fresh and clean cut. So instead turned to the purest form of consumer education and let the products "speak" for themselves. Six distinct story lines, art directions, props, music tracks and well groomed hand models later, we reached one irrefutable conclusion: Legacy of Clean is better, naturally.

The Worst Stain Possible

Tons Of Suds

Not So Permanent

No Stain Left Behind

Gum Off

Watch The Exploding Crystals

Agency: Fairly Painless Advertising
Client: Amway
Art Direction / Edit / Compositing / Sound Fx and Mix / Color: Ryan Lockwood
Assistant Edit / Compositing / Sound Fx: Drake Evans
Creative Direction : Tim Hackney
DP: Josh Tyron
Strategy: Beth Taylor
Account Management: Craig Davis, Chris Cook


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